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Our clients close deals with top Brands

Drive Leads

We find your ideal clients so you don’t have to.

Save Time

We handle our outreach for you, so you can focus on responding to real interest.

Close Deals

More outreach, more interest, more revenue.

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How it works

Step 1

Identify Quality Prospects

We will build a targeted and qualified lead lists of your ideal prospects using Linkedin Sales Navigator

Step 2

Write Custom Messaging

Our expert copywriters will write strategic, clear, and personal messaging positioning YOU as a valuable resource

Step 3

Schedule Outreach

Using our system, we will send thousands of monthly connection requests to qualified targets filling your network with high quality prospects

Step 4

Track Leads

We will track the metrics of your Linkedin outreach to maximize your connection volume, response rates and overall lead generation


Over 7,000+ Leads Generated for our Clients and Counting


Expert list building and messaging. Secure and targeted prospecting. Advance filtering. High volume outreach.

Text us +1 (323) 676-1470


$549 /month

  • Strategy Call
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 50 Daily Targeted Connection Requests
  • 1,500 Monthly Connection Requests
  • Sales Copy + Messaging Written For You
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  • Additional Services
  • Higher Lead Generation
  • Content Creation + Strategy
  • List Building
  • E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
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Free Consultation

So how do I get started...

We are a LinkedIn Lead Generation agency based in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. We have a truly global team comprised of some of the best minds in automation and business strategy.

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We have worked with hundreds of clients and have never had an account banned. We operate well within the bounds of the platforms limits to keep your account safe. Our team utilizes the most effective state of the the art technology to maximize account safety.

On average it takes three to four weeks to begin to see substantial results. Within the first week our team will list build and write the messaging. Once outreach begins, it takes a few weeks for the prospecting funnel to “fill up” with leads. We recommend using the service for multi-months to see the best results as the system builds momentum as more connections are made over time.

Our system was built while working with entrepreneurs and small business executives looking to leverage Linkedin to grow their brands. Over time, we have expanded to work with a broad range of clients including Fortune 500 sales teams, business development professionals, executives, agents, managers, and tech professionals. Our client list is quickly growing as we diversify our client base.

We combine talent with technology. Our team pairs business acumen with a powerful system that can fill your prospect pipeline with the most relevant leads allowing you to have more opportunities to close deals.

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