How do you find my audience (TARGETING)?

Our answer: OK, this sounds pretty basic, but ideally, you want to engage (story view or a follow) with people who are in the same niche as yours. This will help increase the probability that we are engaging with the right type of follower, and they will engage back. So, how do we find people to follow that are interested in your niche? For starters, there is A LOT of labor (research) done before we even start work on your account. To be honest, this is the secret ingredient of our agency. We not only spend time learning about your account, but also learning who your potential followers are and where they exist on Instagram.

Once our research is complete we start engaging people, with some level of certainty, in your niche. This is also part of the reason your account doesn’t magically start growing from the start. Finding your audience takes time and is an ongoing process. The best thing? If you ever see your targeting go off, simply email or text us to adjust and consider it done! **PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH US WE CANNOT FIX YOUR TARGETING.

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