How do you grow my account?

Our answer: Generally speaking, for your account to grow, users must first see your account. Think about it, how do you expect people to see your account when the algorithm is always changing, not to mention there are over 1 BILLION users? Short of sending everyone on Instagram a personal message, FOLLOWING users + STORY VIEWS is one of the ONLY ways to guarantee they will at least see that you exist, glance at your account, and maybe follow you back!

Enter the engagement method (follow and unfollow + story views). If you are looking for a cost-effective and proven method to grow your account, this is the best, and oftentimes, the ONLY option for you. The engagement method helps growth by following + and viewing thousands of accounts in your niche who typically would never see your page.

This method can be likened to a friendly tap on the shoulder telling targeted users to come check out your account! Engaging with accounts may sound simple, but it is important to understand there are a lot of complicated actions behind the scenes that need to happen to make this strategy successful. Someone has to be working the system daily, testing, adjusting and continuously looking for audiences to engage with. All this, while still working within Instagram’s limits and staying ahead of all the frequent app updates.

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