Are You Still Working On My Account If It Is Blocked?

Of course! Our work on your account never stops. If your Instagram Trust Score is low and your account ever gets an action block we have to put more work than ever starting with working on your settings, switching devices, among other actions that will increase your trust score.

Bottomline, getting your account un-blocked means we have to improve your account’s trust score. Here are some things you can do to help the process:

  1. Change your password (we will potentially request you to change it).
  2. You must not like, comment, dm, or follow any users for 3-7 days. You should post to your feed and stories, scroll instagram often, but DO NOT like, comment, dm, or follow any users while we are testing settings, etc.
  3. You must revoke all third party API connections you may be using or that have access to your account.
  4. If you haven’t already, add and confirm your mobile phone number to your account.
  5. We encourage you to be active with posting on your feed, stories and especially scrolling.
  6. Report users post content that shouldn’t be on the platform. Instagram likes accounts that police their platform. There are plenty of people posting nudity, etc. Look around, report the content. This will increase your trust score.
  7. If you haven’t already, link your Facebook and Instagram account.

On our end, we will slowly start engaging with users. So instead of following the Instagram max limit of 200 in one day, we may follow 5 one day, rest a day, then follow 25 the next, and so forth.

Because your trust score is low, you may be blocked again, but if we keep following these protocols the blocks will slow down over time UNLESS do things to jeopardize your account.

During this time, your growth will be slow, and you may see no activity, but this is because we are fixing your account. We are aware that you would love to be adding 1000’s of followers per month, but these are Instagram’s rules, not ours. If you want to grow your account, this is a necessary process 🙂

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