How Fast Will I See Results?

You won’t see maximum results for some weeks, potentially up to month #2. Remember, the longer you are in our system the better your results. The first month we have to warm your account up. The ultimate goal is 200 follow a day, 6000 follows a month. A % of those users will follow you back. When you first sign up with our agency we CANNOT follow 200 accounts each day right away. That will flag your account and lower your trust score. Remember, we are Instagram compliant and Instagram’s rules state we must naturally follow and unfollow users. Oftentimes agencies go too fast which is not natural to Instagram hence will lower your accounts trust score. This doesn’t mean you aren’t going to gain followers right away, but we have to scale up your activity just like a typical user who is becoming more and more active on Instagram.

Also, it’s important to note that your results also depend primarily on the number of followers that you already have and the quality of your content, we cannot stress this enough. *See ‘What If I Have Less Than 1000 Followers?

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