How Many Followers Per Month Can I Expect?

We are dealing with the decisions of real people whether they follow you back or not, so results will vary from account to account.

Our agency strives to see +200 to +1500 new, highly targeted followers per month on average. These are just averages. We have some accounts growing 1000+ a month, but others only growing 200+ a month. Keep in mind if you come to our agency with a flagged account, it’s going to take extra time to fix and grow your account.

No one can guarantee exact numbers due to many factors out of our control:

  1. If your account is in good standing with Instagram, we will be able to follow up to 200 people per day, 6000 users per month.
  2. Will your audience enjoy your content? We cannot force users to follow your account. This is not a fake follower farm. The uses we engage with decide if they want to follow you or not so we cannot give you exact growth numbers.

If we do not have to fix your trust score, you can 100% expect more unique profile visits and natural engagement increases over time.

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