What If I Have Worked With Another Growth Agency?

If you have worked with another growth agency or attempted to grow your account in the past it is possible that your Instagram account is flagged. If you worked with another agency you are likely now working with us because you didn’t get the results you had hoped for. The reason you didn’t get the results you wanted was most likely because your previous growth agency used tactics that Instagram had detected and ultimately lowered your Instagram trust score.
*Please review What Is My Instagram Account Trust Score?

Instagram has essentially banned the use of software yet 99.9% of agencies still use software to grow accounts. They use software because it’s cheap and they make more profit. Remember, the Instagram limits for following users is max 200 users per day, 6000 users per month. If a previous agency used software to follow 200 users per day, 6000 users per month then there is a very good chance your account is flagged.

Flagged accounts = low trust score
Low trust score = action blocks
Action blocks = lower monthly growth

Our agency is Instagram compliant and we do not use software or bots to grow your account. We use a mobile phone, no different than you do to grow. If your account has a low trust score and is prone to action blocks when you sign up with us, then there is a chance we will have to fix your account before we can properly grow it.

We do not know what your other agency did to your account, what software they used to follow users, their settings, etc. But at times when a client comes to us from another agency their trust score is already damaged. Depending on the quality of your agency and their actions to your account, your trust score can raise or drop.

Bottomline, we can fix your trust score with our methods and get the account following those set Instagram limits. Most importantly, it’s critical that you are patient. It’s going to take longer to fix your account and get it growing, but slow and steady wins the race – and doesn’t lower your trust score.

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