What Is My Instagram Account Trust Score?

Every Instagram account has a trust score that Instagram uses to manage several aspects of your account including how many actions the account can make each day (follows, unfollows, likes, comments, dm’s). Instagram analyses every single action ever performed on your account since you created it. Depending on the quality of these actions, the account trust score can raise or drop. So if your account has ever been spammy, has had software attached to it, has been grown using software from a previous Instagram growth agency, or you have bought followers, your account has a low trust score. If your account has a low trust score your account is prone to account action blocks which can hurt your growth. The reason account action blocks hurt your growth is Instagram WILL NOT allow your account to continuously follow 200 users per day, 6000 per month and also unfollow.

There’s no specific or technical way of checking your exact trust score, but if your account often gets action blocked or Instagram forbids you to perform some of the actions, your account has a low trust score and needs repair.

Over-time we can repair your damaged account. If you would like to learn more please email or text with your growth specialist.

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